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This obsession: USA Genre: Drama, Thriller, Release Date: 2009-09-18 (Poland), directed by Steve Shill, screenplay by David Loughery, Cast: Idris Elba, Derek Charles, Beyonc Knowles, Sharon Charles, Ali Larte, Lisa Sheridan, Jerry O'Connell, Music: James Dooley, Photo: Ken Seng, editing by Paul Seydor, production designer Jon Gary Steele, Chris Cornwell, Dena Roth, Costume Designer: Maya Lieberman, sound, Sean McCormack, Mark DeSimone, Will Riley David Weisberg, author of the DVD cover: David Loughery. The psychological thriller OBSESSION, BeyoncĂ© Knowles stars as Sharon Charles. Sharon has a handsome husband, Derek (Idris Elba), a sweet little boy, and that his family, thanks to the advancement of her husband moved into a dream home. 

One day, Derek meets in his office working on a replacement, Lisa (Ali Larter). Beautiful, well-prepared and always cheerful Lisa is an ideal collaborator. The situation changes when a few days later, she tries to pick up Derek's adoption of the company, and while the man thinks it's a bad idea, Lisa does not accept the refusal. It is becoming increasingly unstable. Derek begins to be amazed at how far Lisa can go in his obsession. With the development of events, Sharon realizes that Lisa will stop at nothing to acquire the object of his obsession. One day Sharon comes home and sees that Lisa was there, he begins to have enough ...

 takes matters into his own hands. What started as an office flirtation becomes a shocking, violent and bloody fight between two women who have everything to lose - and would rather die than lose. So says Knowles describing her character, "Sharon is a mother and wife, but she was also assistant to her husband. They were best friends, and nobody knows it better than her. "In the film, a deep understanding of what makes  Sharon begins to wonder if her husband tells the whole truth. "My intuition tells her that something strange starts to happen around Lisa. When she discovers that her husband's relationship with the worker are different than telling, is becoming more and more suspicious. He knows his man. They have total confidence in each other. So when that trust is shaken, Sharon takes the initiative. Obsession is a film about a woman who fights for his family. "Project covers blu-ray movie obsession in our market made Martin Maciag. DVD cover for this movie, ie Obsession now available on the Site - DVD Covers CoverVil.