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The story of "Public Enemies," draws from the book by Bryan Burrough reporter who chose the goal of the deconstruction of the infamous crime wave in America years 1933 to 1934, when their bloody raids such device Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Alvin Carpisa. The film narrows this rich perspective to just one name, waking for the greatest excitement - John Dillinger. Brash gangster life enjoyed by no less than the biggest Hollywood celebrity stars such as carefully is used by Johnny Depp playing him. His Dillinger is aware of his anti-hero myth with real events - is arrogant, proud and dangerously confident. Tracing the form of magnetism, Depp does not need much time to dominate his person the entire cast, led by Christian Bale, who plays investigator Melvin Purvis. Their faint, uneven confrontation is by far the largest of the unfulfilled promises of the film, not having nothing of charisma duel announced Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in "Fever". 

                 Unfortunately, most of the powerful drama film hero barely breaks through the decorative threads side, where Mann tries to include as many references to the long  bygone era. It is so lively music, the prospect of Mafia (Frank Nitti takes over the inheritance from Al Capone), certain affected episodes of famous gangsters (including a completely bogus murder scene Pretty Boy Floyd, who actually died ... in bed) and essential shooting with rifles cult Thompson . So in theory, everything is in its place, but not until the last 25 minutes brings something more than proper sensational game in the costume of the era. 

                 The last moments of John Dillinger in fact accompanied by silence and concentration, so that Mann manages to draw the real drama of the era portrayed. Yeah, until the final scenes, shyly leaned only of individual scenes. It is difficult to say whether this is the fault Bale sluggish recently, or maybe his dull rozpisanej role. It seems that the absolute Purvisowi too little space devoted to the actor with the full knowledge he could give his intriguing potential (keep in mind that years after the events of the movie, the real Purvis committed suicide). In this situation, Depp is not enough time to present his hero as a romantic loner and cwanego populist who manipulated his own myth, on the one hand illusion alive, the remains in the shadow of destination. Significant here is the final scene where Dillinger in the movie theater watching "Big Player" WS Van Dyke, the onscreen persona Clark Gable sees his own reflection, thereby agreeing with him one day ahead fate. Dvd cover for "Public Enemies" are made by Marek count. Marek does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the "Public Enemies" and makes it the dvd covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the film Public Enemies.

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